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Do you know iZeeM supports PWDS? Welcome to the start of our miniseries on getting to know iZeeM and its employee!

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PWDS Series #1 – Meet Claire

Claire is our marketing and technical desk support executive and a Team Singapore Para Table Tennis player. She’s been with us since Apr 2021! At iZeeM, we believe in empowering persons with disabilities by ensuring inclusiveness and equality in our hiring process. Having persons with disabilities in our team made us realized that they are as capable as anyone.

Interviewer: How is it like working with iZeeM? How did you get to know iZeeM?

Claire: I actually interviewed for a support role and was asked if I’d be keen to take on more with my educational background and working experience. As a person with disability, I was used to being rejected whenever I mention that I uses a wheelchair, so that was a pleasant surprise.

iZeeM was more focused on how I can contribute rather than the inconvenience my wheelchair might bring. Our new office is fully accessible, and I have been given the flexibility to work from home. Having a strong rapport with my in-charges also means that they understand that I’d have hospital visits from time to time and that I can always let them know if I have any medical issues due to my pre-existing condition. Work is challenging at times, and I am constantly learning new things and that makes work interesting as I can see myself growing and not being stagnant.

Interviewer: What is your role at iZeeM?

Claire: My role at iZeeM involves daily monitoring and generating reports for our technical helpdesk and social media marketing. Preparing materials and coming up with ideas for our social media marketing and keeping up to date with news regarding our industry.

Interviewer: How do you balance between an athlete and working adult?

Striking a balance between work, life and being an athlete is not easy but with proper planning and a little sacrifice it is doable. When I am at work, I focus on work only and aim to finish my to-do-list before I leave for training in the evenings on weekdays and when I am at training, I focus on my training goals. I will be representing Singapore for the upcoming 11th ASEAN Para Games. In addition, having a full-time job gives me the financial freedom and security to pursue my athletic dreams.

To avoid burnout and to continue doing the things I am doing, I engage in activities that brings me joy, such as being a public/motivational speaker. I have speaking engagements from time to time at corporate events or schools, sharing about being a para-athlete or my disability. I find joy in sharing and making a little difference.