IoT Asset Management

Your workers, machinery, tools and equipment are crucial for the success of your business. It is important to track and ensure the safety of your movable assets while in transit or at facilities. iZeeTRACE helps you track and monitor the condition of your valuable assets to improve efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce downtime.

What Can iZeeTRACE Do For You?

Track and locate moveable assets

Monitor asset environment

Provide asset accountability

Enhance asset safety and security

Features and Capabilities

Sensors enable real time visibility of location, light exposure, temperature, proximity and impact for tools, goods and equipment in transit or at facilities.

Integrates with a tracking device (such as Geotab GO7) installed in the vehicle to facilitate monitoring of valuable assets.

Cost effective beacons with battery life from 2 to 10 years using Bluetooth or LTE-M network that overcomes the limitations of existing technologies such as RFID, at attractive price points.

Data from the beacons can be viewed on a mobile application and web portal with integration capabilities to an organisation’s existing software.

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