Fleet Management Solution powered by Geotab; Ranked No.1 by ABI Research

Leveraging Advanced Telematics in Fleet Management

Geotab GO Device

Geotab’s GO device is an extremely powerful small factor telematics tool that captures fleet data in real-time to provide exceptional fleet management. The device can be deployed to your vehicles’s OBD II port or via an adapter in minutes! The installation doesn’t require any special tools, wires, antennas; thus, causing no damage to vehicle.

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Top Features

Of Geotab Telematics

  • Fast GPS acquisition time
  • Real-time fleet tracking with patented method curve-based algorithm
  • Rich, second-by-second data (up to 3m accuracy)
  • Ultra-accurate engine diagnostics
  • Self-calibrating accelerometer
  • Customisable dashboard
  • Over 30 built-in standard reports
  • Open data integration with API and SDK

What Does iZeeFLEET Provide

Real-time fleet tracking

Get highly accurate and reliable fleet data visibility in real-time for your daily operations. From unauthorised customer stops to planned vs actual routes, iZeeFLEET fleet management solution provides complete vehicle data.

Driver Monitoring

A cloud based fleet management solution that helps to manage driver behaviour with reports on speeding, idling, harsh braking and more on a comprehensive fleet management software

Fleet Cost Savings

With iZeeM’s integrated fleet management solution identify areas of fleet cost savings with comprehensive reports on fuel usage, engine status, driver behaviour etc

Third Party Integrations

A flexible fleet management solution with IOX expandability, enabling third party integrations with other hardware and software applications

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