Transport management software dashboard to help transporter to do online job planning

Transport Management System

Manual planning processes and paperwork in transportation management run high risk of error and time management. Therefore, businesses have started adopting digitised processes. An efficient transport management system provides online job planning for transporters. Jobs are automated and online system of records are maintained. It also solves problems such as an absence of a dedicated shipping department or limited file storage space.

What is iZeeTRAX?

iZeeTRAX  is built for transporters! It is a cloud based Transport Management System that digitises transportation with online job and route planning, provides up-to- date visibility of deliveries while cutting down on manual errors to create an efficient and transparent work environment.

What Can iZeeTRAX Do For You?

Plan & assign jobs online

Provide real-time updates

Track job status

Reduce paperwork and administrative costs

Features and Capabilities

A cloud based Transport Management System that allows transporters to digitally plan, assign and execute jobs while shortening job planning hours and reducing manual errors, all in real-time.

Digital planning routes speed up deliveries by providing better visibility and reliability with the chosen routes.

Availability of an electronic proof of delivery allows recipient’s electronic signature during collection and at the time of deliveries.

Easy to use web and mobile (beta) interface with detailed visibility on jobs.

iZeeTRAX is enabled with third party integration capabilities that makes it a scalable and an expandable solution. An integrated TMS will help analyse vehicle performance and operational costs.

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