Food from the Heart

Industry: Non-Profit Organization

Based in: Singapore

Types of Vehicles: Vans and Trucks

Fleet Size: 6

The Challenge: Driver behaviour monitoring, Safety

Food from the Heart is a non-profit charity that engages in food distribution programme, bringing joy through the distribution of toys and birthday celebrations.

As of 2017, the Food from the Heart has reached over 40,300 beneficiaries across Singapore.

One of their top goals is to ensure the driver’s safety while being able to track the 6 different delivery vans for food distribution.

The Solution: Integrated Telematics for Fleet Management

iZeeFLEET powered by Geotab provides an open platform telematics technology that can collect data in real-time from all the delivery vehicles with a small, plug-&-play GPS vehicle tracking device.

Prior to collaboration with iZeeM, Food from the Heart, as a non-profit organization, did not have a fleet management programme funding and didn’t use any telematics system to monitor their vehicles.

The Result: Reduced Fuel Consumption, More Efficient Routes and Greater Security for Drivers

In one year, upon successful installation of the telematics device, the organisation has been able to optimise its vehicle routes, reduce fuel consumption, idle time, and now has better insight regarding the security of their drivers. They have generated significant results as give below:

  • Reduction in fuel consumption
  • Optimisation of routes and reduction in idle time
  • Speed tracking to improve vehicle and driver safety

Being able to see where the vehicles are in real time has allowed them to manage deliveries in a more effective and efficient manner with improved routes.

The MyGeotab platform provides access to over 30 built-in standard reports that can be customised in order to meet the needs of the fleet. Apart from the accurate tracking of it’s vans,this technology has improved vehicle and driver safety by monitoring excess speeding, accelerating, and sharp conering etc. As a result, FFTH has been able to better manage their deliveries with enhanced operation efficiency since the implementation of iZeeFLEET solution.