Built for Transporters

Built for Transporters

iZeeTRAX Transport Management System

iZeeTRAX is built for transporters! It is a cloud based Transport Management System that digitises transportation with online job and route planning, provides up-to- date visibility of deliveries while cutting down on manual errors to create an efficient and transparent work environment.

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Transport management software dashboard to help transporter to do online job planning
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iZeeTRAX Electronic Proof of Delivery

iZeeTRAX Transport Management System comes with an android app that allows transporters to digitally plan, assign and execute jobs from anywhere! The jobs can be viewed on multiple devices with easy to use web and mobile (beta) interface. The app allows you to scan through daily jobs, report completed jobs, capture proof of delivery images and view job history; all on the go.

What Does iZeeTRAX Provide

Online delivery planning, assigning and execution

The cloud based TMS allows transporters to digitally plan, assign and execute jobs while shortening job planning hours and reducing manual errors, all in real-time.

Instant job status and notifications

Receive jobs and delivery notifications in real-time. Improve response time and prevent missed deadlines by notifying changes to customers and drivers.

Integration with Telematics

Integrated with iZeeFLEET powered by Geotab to leverage added benefits of fleet management, driver behaviour monitoring, fuel management and route optimisation

API integration capabilities

API integration enables Enterprise Resource Planning or any other system integration with TMS-EPOD

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