Smart Safety & Surveillance

What is iZeeDRIVE?

iZeeDRIVE Smart Safety and Surveillance Solution is a cloud-based smart safety and surveillance solution for fleet operations with telematics integration providing live video and image recording to prevent collisions and distracted driving. leveraging advanced computer vision-technology and facial recognition in Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) and driver monitoring system (DMS) the solution provides a comprehensive end-to-end visual monitoring with vehicle camera systems for clear visibility into fleet operations.


Advanced Driver Assistance System

A leading computer vision technology for driver safety and collision prevention.

Top Features

-Lane, vehicle and pedestrian detection
-Real-time collision avoidance
-Live on-road video recording and image capture
-Proof of incidents
-Alerts and warnings
-24/7 access on Web/Mobile application

Advanced Driver Assistance System
Driver distraction management

Driver Monitoring System

Driver Monitoring System continuously alerts drivers of distracted and poor driving habits such as fatigue, changes in facial, head and eyelid movements, smoking and using mobile phones.

Top Features

  • Facial recognition and verification
  • Distracted driving detection
  • Low light condition adaption
  • Image & video capture
  • Audio alerts
  • Remote monitoring
  • 24/7 web/mobile app access
  • System integration
iZeeDRIVE Smart Surveillance Systems

Vehicle Camera System

A cloud based multi- camera fleet surveillance system that integrates with telematics to provide a 360 degree view of fleet performance and safety.
Designed for commercial vehicles, the system has multiple cameras with 1080 HD video, 3G connectivity, live GPS tracking and driver behaviour reports

Top Features

  • Integration with telematics
  • Vehicle location, speed & driving reports
  • Proof of incidents
  • Alerts on pre-set triggered events
  • Live viewing and recording
  • 24/7 access on web/mobile application
  • Video storage on cloud
  • 365 days of cloud based data storage and access to recorded and triggered events
Vehicle camera system

What Does iZeeDRIVE Provide

Accident Prevention

A comprehensive safety and surveillance solution that leverages the latest computer vision technology, facial recognition and camera systems to identify possible collisions and prevent fleet related accidents.

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Addressing distracted driving habits and sending real-time alerts to notify drivers and management. Thus, retraining drivers for improved on road behaviour.

Risk Management

Telematics integration, GPS location and timestamps with vehicle camera systems provides a holistic view of fleet safety practices. Real-time alerts on accidents, idling and speeding reports help in reducing possible risks.

Cost Reduction

Fleet accidents are costly and challenge the reputation of a business’s fleet safety programmes. Improved driving habits and reduced collision rates lead to controlled fleet accident costs and improved safety practices.

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