Integrated GPS Fleet Management Solutions

Vehicle Tracking, Driver Behaviour Management, Fuel Management, Asset Tracking, Transport Management System

GPS Fleet Tracking


Integrated Fleet Management Solutions

For many companies, a successful fleet management programme consists of complete operational visibility with easy access to reliable and accurate data for faster decision making. With an integrated telematics platform, fleet owners are able to track and monitor vehicles in real-time as well as implement safer driving practices by managing driver behaviour. iZeeFLEET is an interdisciplinary solution that enables fleet operation excellence, cost reduction and data visibility.



Smart Safety and Surveillance

Consumer demands for in-vehicle safety applications has seen a gradual rise since the past decade, mainly due to the shift in the regulations and awareness about the high costs borne by companies due to accidents. Visual monitoring and assistance for fleet safety include core functionalities such as adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking (AEB), crash collision mitigation and blind spot monitoring. There are plenty more that could be included, and each has been designed to improve driver safety.

Advanced driver assistance system and driver management system


Transport Management System

iZeeTRAX is a cloud-based transport management system with electronic proof of delivery. It helps transporters to go paperless by digitally planning their jobs online, receiving on-the-go job status and allowing customers to track online.

Transport Management Systems with electronic proof of delivery


IoT Device Management Platform

Device management, data collection, processing and visualization for your IoT Solution. It enables device connectivity via industry standard IoT protocols – MQTT, HTTP and SDK supporting both cloud and on-premises deployment.