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Series #3 – Meet Haziq

By June 22, 2022 No Comments

Hello everyone, I’m Haziq. I’ve recently graduated with a Higher Nitec Cert in Accounting. One of my favorite hobbies is video games. I enjoy playing PUBG Mobile with a group of friends because the game challenging and teamwork is necessary to win. The voice chat feature built into the game also allows me to catch up with my friends whenever we play since we cannot meet up during this CoVid19 situation.

Interviewer: How did you get to know iZeeM? How is it like working with iZeeM?

It is fun and exciting working with iZeeM because my colleagues are very cheerful and supportive. I got to know of iZeeM from one of the course programs that I attended earlier this year. The course administrators helped me to secure a position in iZeeM and I hope to contribute to the company’s growth and success in the coming years.

Interviewer: What is your role at iZeeM?

I am a Support Executive in iZeeM. My role is to and help manage the helpdesk and support portal and provide basic technical support to customers. Other than technical support, I ensure case tickets are being addressed and conduct routine system monitoring.

Interviewer: How do you ensure your home environment is conducive for work?

I ensure that my surroundings are quiet so that I can focus on work! I also ensure I stick to a routine so I can complete my work on time!

Interviewer: What do you do besides work?

Before CoVid19, I used to spend my weekends in the gym for Strength and Conditioning as a form of Rehabilitation, as I require the use of crutches to get around. I’m working towards walking without any mobility aid one day. One of the things I’ve learned from training at the gym is that consistency is key, and you don’t necessarily see results in an instant. I believe these are helpful in my character development and in turn, a work in progress to contributing to society!